Copenhagen Hospital Biobank

The Copenhagen Hospital Biobank (RHB) is a research bank containing whole blood samples obtained from hospitals throughout the Capital Region of Denmark, following blood typing of hospitalised patients and outpatients. Over 50,000 samples are added to the collection each year. The RHB database includes genomic global screening array data for ~100,000 patients.

Key facts

Name of the connected EIT Health partner: Lasse Boding
Number of individuals: Total 322719
Biobank confirmed willingness to provide samples/data for EIT Health studies: Yes
Contact person(s) and contact data
(e-mail address, tel. no) for access purposes:
Henrik Ullum,
Erik Sørensen,
Number of samples: Total 337884
Sample types: EDTA whole blood
Omics data: Illumina Global Screening Array on approximately 100,000 patients
Website: Copenhagen Hospital Biobank (RHB)

General information

Type of biobank: Patients submitting a sample for blood typing at the Department of Clinical Immunology, Copenhagen University Hospital.
If longitudinal the frequency: Excess material from EDTA whole blood collected from first submitted sample from patients from 2009 and ongoing.
Link to central portal to seek samples and data: Danish Biobank Register
Broad consent: No
Option to recall donors: No
Option to recall family members: No

Quality management system:

Link to operational procedures: Not available
Storage: Not available
Compliance with international standards: Not available
Current ISO certificates: Not available


Clinical data linked to samples: Not available
Data standards: Not available
Data security rules: Not available

Biobank related service:

Research support, what type of expertise?: Not available
Core facility services; what type? Link?: Not available
Queries from national health registers: Not available


IP rules, what is negotiable?: Not available
Requirements to study results (access etc.): Not available
Participant’s right to the information: Not available