Copenhagen Prospective Studies on Asthma in Childhood (COPSAC) is a clinical research unit for pediatric asthma research with the aim of developing evidence-based prevention strategies. Its mission is to improve prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases, diagnosis and treatment of childhood asthma.

Available data includes clinical assessments, exposures, biological samples and omics analyses.

Key facts

Number of individuals: Total 1,819
Number of samples: Total 9,652
Sample type: Child and parent samples including airway bacteria, birth swabs, blood (CPT, dry, EDTA, RNA), cord blood, deciduous teeth, skin, nasopharyngeal, urine, vaginal and whole saliva.
Website: COPSAC

General information

Type of biobank: Not available.
If longitudinal the frequency: Not available.
Broad consent: Not available.
Option to recall donors: Not available.
Option to recall family members: Not available.

Quality management system:

Link to operational procedures: Not available.
Storage: Not available.
Compliance with international standards: Not available.
Current ISO certificates: Not available.


Clinical data linked to samples: Not available.
Data standards: Not available.
Data security rules: Not available.

Biobank related service:

Research support, what type of expertise?: Not available.
Core facility services; what type? Link?: Not available.
Queries from national health registers: Not available.
Networking: Not available.


IP rules, what is negotiable?: Not available.
Requirements to study results (access etc.): Not available.
Participant’s right to the information: Not available.