Danish Blood Donor Study

The Danish Blood Donor Study is a large initiative that builds on the voluntary participation of more than 110,000 Danish blood donors. This national multi-centre cohort and biobank study aims to understand why the blood donors are healthier than the average population, and engages the participation of all 5 blood centres in Denmark. Samples include EDTA whole blood DNA and whole blood plasma. Global genomic global screening array data is available from ~120,000 donors.

Key facts

Name of the connected EIT Health partner: Lasse Boding
Number of individuals: Total 81,913
Biobank confirmed willingness to provide samples/data for EIT Health studies: Yes
Contact person(s) and contact data
(e-mail address, tel. no) for access purposes:
Henrik Ullum,
Erik Sørensen,
Number of samples: Total 894,724
120,000 EDTA whole blood DNA
120,000 EDTA whole blood Plasma
Sample types: EDTA whole blood DNA; EDTA whole blood Plasma
Omics data: Illumina Global Screening Array on ~120,000 donors
Website: Danish Blood Donor Study

General information

Type of biobank: Danish Blood Donors
If longitudinal the frequency: Samples collected at irregular intervals depending on blood
Link to central portal to seek samples and data: Danish Biobank Register
Broad consent: Yes
Option to recall donors: Yes
Option to recall family members: No

Quality management system:

Link to operational procedures: Not available
Storage: Not available
Compliance with international standards: Not available
Current ISO certificates: Not available


Clinical data linked to samples: Not available
Data standards: Not available
Data security rules: Not available

Biobank related service:

Research support, what type of expertise?: Not available
Core facility services; what type? Link?: Not available
Queries from national health registers: Not available


IP rules, what is negotiable?: Not available
Requirements to study results (access etc.): Not available
Participant’s right to the information: Not available