Danish Centre for Strategic Research in Type 2 Diabetes

The Danish Center for Strategic Research in Type II Diabetes (DD2) aims to improve treatment and long-term outcomes of patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes (T2D). The overall goal is to near-normalize metabolic control in patients, using an individualized treatment approach. The biobank includes samples from 50,000 patients with newly diagnosed T2D.

Key facts

Name of the connected EIT Health partner: Lasse Boding
Number of individuals: Total 6,482
Biobank confirmed willingness to provide samples/data for EIT Health studies: Yes
Contact person(s) and contact data
(e-mail address, tel. no) for access purposes:
Program leader and Associate Professor Jens Steen Nielsen, Kloevervaenget 10. 9th floor, 5000 Odense C, T:+45 21609032, E:
Number of samples: Total 7,507
Omics data: No
Website: Danish Center for Strategic Research in Type II Diabetes (DD2)

General information

Type of biobank: Prospective, newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.
If longitudinal the frequency: Selected cohorts have repeated samples, longitudinal with up to 12 years of repeated sampling.
Link to central portal to seek samples and data:
and Danish Biobank Register
Broad consent: Yes
Option to recall donors: Yes.
Option to recall family members: Maybe.

Biobank access procedure:

Major terms for access:
Ethical and legal compliance: Required
Speed and reliability of delivery: Depends on approval
Pricing: Depends on the type of project collaboration vs. industrial

Quality management system:

Link to operational procedures: Link 1, Link 2
Storage: -80 degrees Celcius.
Compliance with international standards: Not available.
Current ISO certificates: Not available.


Clinical data linked to samples: Yes, a broad number of Danish health care registries.
Data standards: Not available.
Data security rules: Danish GDPR standards.

Biobank related service:

Research support, what type of expertise?: Epidemiology and statistical support.
Core facility services; what type? Link?: Biobank, data-manager.
Queries from national health registers: Yes.


IP rules, what is negotiable?: Required MTA, scientific contract, data processor agreement.
Requirements to study results (access etc.): Can be partially granted.
Participant’s right to the information: Not available.
Number of access contracts with industry: 1-3