OPEN Biobank

OPEN Biobank (Open Patient data Explorative Network) collects a broad range of biological research samples from the region of southern Denmark, including over 75,000 samples from more than 19,000 individuals. The biobank is anchored at the University of Southern Denmark and contains diverse biological material from a range of different projects. The research unit under OPEN focuses especially on research related to registers, epidemiology (including clinical, pharma and generic), and nursing.

Key facts

Name of the connected EIT Health partner: Lasse Boding
Number of individuals: Total 19,451
Biobank confirmed willingness to provide samples/data for EIT Health studies: Yes
Contact person(s) and contact data
(e-mail address, tel. no) for access purposes:
Janni Brødbæk,,
+45 2916 6730
OUH Odense University Hospital, University of Southern Denmark
Number of samples: Total 76,471
Sample types: – 15,974 Buffycoat
– 827 DNA
– 24,991 Plasma
– 736 RNA
– 28,082 Serum
– 140 Spinal fluid
– 5,247 Urine
– 474 Whole blood
Omics data: Not available.
Website: OPEN Biobank

General information

Type of biobank: Mixture.
If longitudinal the frequency: Varies between hours to years.
Link to central portal to seek samples and data: Danish Biobank Register
Broad consent: Varies depending on project / sub-biobank.
Option to recall donors: Varies depending on project / sub-biobank.
Option to recall family members: Varies depending on project / sub-biobank.

Biobank access procedure:

Major terms for access: Acceptance from the biobank responsible
Ethical and legal compliance: Legal approvals for the project that wishes to use the material, legal approvals for the existing biobank to share/distribute the material
Speed and reliability of delivery: Depending on the above
Pricing: Depending on type of material, cost of establishing biobank, cost of distributing the material etc.

Quality management system:

Link to operational procedures: Individual procedures depending on the material.
Storage: -80 degrees Celcius.
Compliance with international standards: Not available.
Current ISO certificates: Not available.


Clinical data linked to samples: Type, identity number, date, time, location.
Data standards: Data can be extracted to csv files; clinical data can be extracted to various analysis software and csv files.
Data security rules: In accordance with applicable legislation (GDPR and supplementary Danish law (Data Protection Act)).

Biobank related service:

Research support, what type of expertise?: IT-support and laboratory technician support in accordance to individual agreements.
Core facility services; what type? Link?: Link
Queries from national health registers: Not available.


IP rules, what is negotiable?: Aligned to University of Southern Denmark rules.
Requirements to study results (access etc.): Depending on the individual agreement.
Participant’s right to the information: Depending on the individual consent and legislation.