About the Information Hub

This website was created in for the the EIT Health Scandinavian CLC strategic activity Registries and Biobanks in transition. THe objective of the project is to save the time for innovators and to simplify access to biobanks and quality registries, in order to gain improvements for R&D, and to implement innovations faster to  market.

The initiative is an outcome of discussions during the 2018 EIT Health ThinkTank Round Tables, in particular one held 13 August 2018 in Stockholm focusing on biobanks and registers, during which it was noted that there are different rules in different countries impacting how biobanks and registries act today. Based on this discussion, EIT Health chose to address the situation of access to registries and biobanks. Program RABBIT is piloted in Scandinavia in 2019, but will be scaled out to Europe in 2020.

The content of the website was created with the help of Danish, Estonian and Swedish experts in biobanks and registers. The biobanks and registers on the website have indicated willingness to share the data for EIT Health developments. The template for collecting data about biobanks was designed together with industry and academia representatives, who are interested in having access to cover most important information for selecting suitable collaboration partner.

The project team is happy to up-date the content regularly and welcomes suggestions for improvements.

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Ulrika Zagai, PhD
Project Manager, Registers & Biobanks in Transition 2
+46 155 19 22