As an innovator, why should I use health data and biobanks?


The world’s human biobanks and registers play a fundamental role in translational medicine, providing the diversity of biological samples and depth of “big data” needed to pave the way for new medicines, treatments and medical products. Scandinavia’s Biobanks and Registers are a unique resource of extensive sample collections, linked with comprehensive human health data—all complemented by world-class expertise and services.


As an EIT Health Partner and start-up you can benefit from:

  • Mine “big data” to fuel research and development of new products and services
  • Access information needed to follow up healthcare outcomes
  • Validate new genetic tests in a specific population
  • Collaborate on molecular stratified clinical trials
  • Predict impact of new products and services
  • Access core facilities and expertise in bioinformatics and health economics


Tap into the power of genomics

Genomic analysis is enabling pharmaceutical companies to take a more personalized approach to drug development and will lead to safer and more effective drugs. The genomic information in Scandanavia’s biobanks and registries can help you:

  • Select better starting points for therapies
  • Reduce R&D costs by focusing on validated targets
  • Increase the chance of FDA approval by providing genetic evidence
  • Increase success of clinical trials through more optimal patient selection
  • Provide documented genetic evidence for FDA submissions
  • Decrease time to market for novel therapies