Overview of Danish Health Data Registers

Danish Clinical Quality Register

The Danish Clinical Registries (RKKP) currently manages 85 clinical registries containing information about individual patients. These are valuable sources of information for research and surveillance purposes. RKKP is organised into The National Clinical Quality Databases, which cover all diagnosis areas other than cancer, and The Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups, which is dedicated to cancer.

Danish Health Data Map

The Danish Health Data Map is created by the Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster, to facilitate the identification of Danish health data. The data map creates an overview of where the Danish health data can be found, and which variables they contain as well as an overview of the application procedure. The purpose of the website is to decrease the administration connected to the identification and application of Danish health data by increasing the visibility and accessibility of public health data for both businesses, health operators and researchers.

National government registers – Danish Health Data Authority

The Danish Health Data Authority (information only available in Danish) work to create coherent health data and digital solutions in Denmark for the benefit of patients and clinicians, as well as research and administrative purposes in the health care sector. The Danish Health Data Authority translate health policy objectives into concrete solutions that promote a healthier Denmark.

Statistics Denmark

Statistics Denmark, the central authority on Danish statistics, collects, compiles and publishes statistics on the Danish society. Statistic Denmark is a state institution under the ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior, and provides impartial statistics on society as a basis for democracy and economy. Register collections including data collected from 1970 to the present day. Research Services at Statistics Denmark provide help and advice on how to access to data and how to exploit the potential of the data in compliance with the Danish legislations.

Access to Health Data Registers in Denmark