Estonia Health Data Registers

Estonia was the first country in the world to in 2008 implement a nationwide Electronic Health Record (HER) system, registering virtually all residents medical history from birth to death. The data in Estonia health registers is managed by the institutions:

Estonia Biobank is linking regularly with national health registers, thus the health data is quickly available together with bio-samples or genome information. For each biobank sample owner, the personal health trajectory can be provided – history of different treatment actions (diagnosis, results of blood analysis, prescribed drugs, etc.).

EIT Health connected quality registers in Estonia

Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and National Institute for Health Development
The national statistical data related to Estonian health and medicine are collected, processed and distributed both nationally and internationally by six medical registries and databases:

Health Information System:

The aggregated statistical data is available in the web-page of Health Statistics and Health research Database:
To claim for individualized information, an approval of Ethic Committee for scientific purposes, is needed.
General Data Protection Regulation is followed.

Estonian Health Insurance Fund

The main goal of the Estonian health insurance is to cover the healthcare costs of insured persons for the prevention and treatment of illnesses, to finance the purchase of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and to pay temporary incapacity and other monetary benefits.

The objective, functions, competence, bases for activities and the bodies of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund are provided by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund Act and the Articles of Association of the Health Insurance Fund (available in Estonian).
Information about the data collected into registry of EHIF is available in Estonian and in English (table below).
Information about Estonian Health Insurance Fund is also available at B.R.I.D.G.E. TO DATA®:

Access to Health Data Registers in Estonia