The Slovenian Node, BBMRI.SI, is an interdisciplinary initiative established in 2020 and it includes all three of Slovenia’s public universities: the University of Maribor, the University of Ljubljana, and the University of Primorska, along with the University Medical Center Maribor. This collaborative effort brings together diverse fields of study, ranging from medical and natural sciences to law and information technologies, forming a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research community. The National Node is led by Professor Dr. Urban Bren.

Top area of expertise

BBMRI.SI excels in several areas of expertise, with a particular focus on autoimmune disorders, cancer research and rare diseases.

List of members of BBMRI.SI

Types of collections in the BBMRI Directory, collections of commercial use

In the BBMRI-ERIC Directory, the Slovenian biobanks have at the moment only one collection indicated for research purposes.

Disease entities

  • Rare disease – 1 collection

Laws on access to data

<information not available> – maybe ELSI knows.