Biobank Sweden is a collaboration between healthcare, academia, industry and patient organizations in Sweden. The goal of the extended collaboration is to build a joint, improved and sustainable national biobank infrastructure for healthcare, academia and industry, with the best conditions for both national and international collaboration.

Biobank Sweden has developed common principles and agreements for access to samples for research. Information, agreements for access to samples as well as contact information to biobanks can be found on their website. Biobank Sweden is a national node in the European research infrastructure for biobanking BBMRI ERIC.

County councils/regions with university hospitals and universities with a medical faculty have an agreement for enhanced collaboration to support biobank infrastructure for healthcare, academia and industry (medical/technical/pharmaceutical). To implement the agreement, the association “Biobank Sweden” was established (former National Biobank Council and BBMRI.se).

Entry point: BBMRI.SE

Website: http://biobanksverige.se/

Number of biobanks:  12 biobanks in Directory:  (49 organisations, 67collections –  21 collection for commercial use.